Why GeoMetallurgy matters to Teck


Anelda Van Staden, Teck

Teck has sponsored and actively participated in collaborative research programs focused on GeoMetallurgy since 2005. Ore characterization has been and continues to be an integral part of these programs at a number of our Teck Operations adding value at all levels of the mine life cycle. The data collected during ore characterization has to be transformed into knowledge that can be used to extract the maximum value or identify risks associated with mining an ore deposit. Teck has shown its competency with the discipline of strategic GeoMetallurgy in a number of our copper deposits, zinc deposits and now for steel making coal. One example is the continual innovation in the mineralogical characterization of orebodies within the Red Dog district. Original simplistic 3-D geological models of the Main Pit and Aqqaluk orebody were updated with models for zinc, lead and silver recovery, as well as mill throughput through an extensive and collaborative GeoMetallurgical program. Tactical GeoMetallurgy allows a continual feed-back loop informing mine planners and mill operations of potential changes in the ore deposit.  This has forged our understanding of processing difficulties experienced by feed blends from the Red Dog deposits, with analysis of terminal streams continuing to this day. This talk will present some of the innovative approaches to better define the mineralogical and metallurgical variability of the Red Dog ore deposits and how it continues to be used to unlock the value of these new deposits.
Mots Clés: GeoMetallurgy, Red Dog, Ore Characterization