Variable filling fluid couplings for mining applications

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 79, No. 893, 1986

J. ELDERTON, Technical Director, Fluidrive Engineering Co. Ltd., Bracknell, U.K.

The combination of AC induction motor and fluid coupling, of either the fixed or variable filling type, constitutes a simple, low cost, highly reliable drive unit, with many applications in the mining field. The paper will, however, concentrate on the variable filling fluid coupling in three principal applications—conveyor starting, infinitely variable speed control for slurry and slimes pumping and dewatering pumps for deep mines. Fluid couplings can be used with standard or custom-built control gear equipment, ranging from the most simple, time-based open loop types, to those having the latest microprocessor techniques.
Mots Clés: Variable speed drives, Mining applications, Fluid couplings, Belt conveyors, Dewatering pumps, Slurry/slimes pumps, Scoop control, Mining technology.