The value of decelerometer testing

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 77, No. 871, 1984

KEITH JONES and LARGO ALBERT, Inco Limited Copper Cliff, Ontario

Decelerometer testing of a rigid guide system in a mine shaft provides useful information to operating and maintenance people. High acceleration/deceleration rates can lead to high maintenance costs to both conveyances and shaft and can also present an operating risk. Possible disastrous results in the shaft have been avoided by restricting the maximum conveyance speed until the shaft and/or conveyance problems have been solved. The test instrument is a valuable aid especially during cornmissioning or updating of a hoisting installation. High acceleration/deceleration rates also lead to reduced hoist rope life. During the past fourteen years, a total of 15,000,000 feet of testing was performed in 74 assorted shaft compartments. Based on this experience, it is possible to establish acceptable conveyance maximum speeds provided that all other conditions in the shaft compartment are normal. The body of the paper will present examples of several tests made under actual operating conditions.
Mots Clés: Equipment, Maintenance, Decelerometers, Decelerometer testing, Shaft guide alignment, Hoist ropes, Hoist braking systems