The use of till geochemistry as an exploration tool in southeastern Ontario

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 79, No. 896, 1986

I.G.L SINCLAIR Selco Division, BP Resources Canada Limited Toronto, Ontario

Till geochemistry was the principal exploration tool employed by Selco in the investigation of a zinc prospect in Lanark Township, Ontario. The geochemical studies were undertaken after the discovery at surface of marble boulders containing bands of sphalerite and lesser amounts of galena. The source of these mineralized boulders was sought by means of B-horizon soil geochemistry, followed, where appropriate, by back-hoe trenching and till sampling. The thickness of the till in this part of Ontario seldom exceeds 3 m or 4m and it was generally possible to sample complete profiles of the till and thus to obtain detailed information concerning the dispersion of zinc. Drilling and trenching at the up-ice extremity of the zinc dispersion trains showed the source of the float to be sub-economic bands of sphalerite in the Grenville marble.
Mots Clés: Exploration, Geochemistry, Soil geochemistry, Back-hoe trenching, Till sampling.