The selection of truck haulage and teledumper trucks for backfilling at the Cannon Mine

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 82, No. 921, 1989

J. Baz-Dresch, Asamera Minerals (U.S.) Inc.

The most cost-effective method of placement of the high-strength fill used in the Cannon Mine's overhand cut-and-fill bench slopes was determined to be truck haulage. Constraints imposed by the mine layout dictated the use of a truck which could dump its load in a fifteen-foot high drift. The Dux Teledumper truck was selected as the most suitable unit for this application based upon operational and maintenance parameters which included a telescoping, tilting dump box; large load capacity; and robust construction. Development of the truck continues through the cooperation between the manufacturer and user.
Mots Clés: Underground mining, Haulage systems, Maintenance, Equipment, Truck haulage, Backfill