The Renzy Copper-Nickel Mine 197 Days to Production

CIM Bulletin, 1970

R. M. KLEINE, Mine Manager, New Hosco Mines Ltd. - Renzy Project, Lac de Renzy, Quebec

In the fall of 1968, Sheridan Geophysics leased the Renzy Mine property 50 miles northwest of the town of Maniwaki, Quebec. A 500-tpd flotation mill was dismantled at Belleterre, Quebec, trucked into the mine over a winter road and re-erected during extreme winter conditions. Approximately one billion gallons of water were removed from Renzy lake to expose the orebody. A 3,000-hp diesel generating plant and a self-supporting community were set up during the early part of 1969. This was a remarkable achievement considering that most of the work, including the pouring of foundations and the draining of the lake, had to be done during the winter months. Despite this, the project was completed ahead of schedule and one million dollars below budget. The mill is now treating an average of 800 tpd.
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