The “Mill Redesign Project” at Inco’s Clarabelle Mill

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 96, No. 1075, 2003

A. Kerr, A. Bouchard, J. Truskoski, J. Barrett, G. Labonté

Improving mill grade recovery relationships is always good business. Inco’s Clarabelle mill has just undergone a $16 M process upgrade that was designed to improve nickel recovery by 2%. The “Mill Redesign Project” was completed on time, under budget and delivered the promised improvement in recoveries. This paper describes the methodology of the Mill Redesign Project team, details of the process improvements and the critical success factors that helped the team deliver on its promises. With a payback of under one year, the Mill Redesign Project will play a key role in ensuring a competitive edge as Inco embarks on its second century of operation.