The Mechanical and -Electrical Aspects of Sinking The Creighton No. 9 Shaft

CIM Bulletin, 1968

J. S. REDPATH, Project Manager; W. R. DENGLER, Resident Project Manager, Shaft Sinkers (Canada) Limited-
J. S. Redpath Limited, Joint Venture.

The Creighton No. 9 Shaft, going to a depth of 7,115 feet, will be the deepest single-lift shaft in North America. As of December 2, 1968, shaft sinking had progressed to the 6,600-foot depth . A description of the equipment used and the electrical-mechanical problems encountered in sinking a deep shaft is given. This shaft is currently being sunk to a depth of 7,115 feet. Some of the features of the sinking plant are a 6,500-hp double-drum hoist, a Blair stage hoist, special high-capacity mucking gear, a Galloway stage, high-tensile stage suspension ropes and 12-ton sinking buckets
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