The development of a computerized dragline mine planning package utilizing interactive computer graphics

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 86, No. 973, 1993

Louise H. Michaud, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania Peter N. Calder, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario

An interactive mine planning package has been developed to aid with the tasks involved in generating dragline mine plans. This package employs recent advances in PC-based, 3D computer graphics and 3D geologic modelling. A Gridded Seam Model (GSM), capable of modelling rugged topography and multiple coal seams, including folding and faulting, is used to generate the geologic database. This model is then integrated with an interactive graphics mine planning system in order to develop one model and one database for the generation of the mine design, the depletion of the coal reserves and the removal of waste material. As well as offering large potential saving in the time required to carry out the planning tasks, the system offers immediate visual feedback to the planning engineer. This can greatly aid in the conceptual understanding of complex geology and mine plans and can allow for the evaluation of a number of mining options within a reasonable time frame.
Mots Clés: Computer applications, Grid seam modelling, Open pit mining, Draglines, Mine planning systems.