The Captain North Extension Zinc-Lead-Silver Deposit Bathurst District, New Brunswick

Exploration & Mining Geology, Vol. 1, No. 2, 1992

K.D.A. WHALEY Stratabound Minerals Corp., New Brunswick, Canada

The Captain North Extension deposit consists of five sulfide lenses hosted in cherty and chloritic metasediment that is bounded by quartz-eye rhyolite and laminated rhyolite. Lens 2 consists of sphalerite and galena with silver-rich tetrahedrite in chert. Lens 3 contains massive pyrite, with chalcopyrite and minor gold, gradational to minor pyrite in a chloritic metasediment. The other lenses are unexplored. The sulfides occur as beds, fracture infills, and disseminated grains. Reserves are estimated at 207 555 tonnes grading 7.38% Zn, 2.76% Pb, and 91.81 g/t Ag. The deposit is isoclinally folded, dips steeply west, plunges 50 degrees south, and is faulted out to the north, where drag folding has reversed the plunge. Minor cross-faults contain talc and sericite. High sphalerite but low pyrite abundances result in poor responses to standard electromagnetic techniques. Lens 3, which contains more pyrite than Lens 2, responds better to induced polarization and allows detection. Geochemical anomalies are found in a nearby swamp and stream, but an impervious till cover inhibits the development of soil anomalies.