Technologies required for safe and profitable deep level gold mining, South Africa

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 93, No. 1036, 2000

P.H. Willis, CSIR: Division of Mining Technology, Auckland Park, South Africa

Since the 14th CMMI conference, held in Edinburgh in 1990, at which a paper was presented by the author (Willis, 1990) reviewing the role of integrating new technology as a survival strategy for South African gold mines, considerable change has occurred in the South African mining industry. This paper reviews the current state of the industry and provides an update on the technologies discussed ten years ago. It reviews available technology and provides a broad economic assessment of these technologies if they were to be introduced in an integrated mining system with a focus on deep level mining below 3000 m. It also reviews possible future technologies currently being researched and developed by CSIR: Division of Mining Technology (Miningtek).
Mots Clés: Deep mining, Gold mining, South African mining.