Techno-economic feasibility of zinc and lead recovery from electric arc furnace baghouse dust

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 77, No. 869, 1984

J.G. EACOTT, Questor Engineering Limited, Toronto, Ontario M.C. ROBINSON, Materials-Concepts-Research Limited Scarborough, Ontario, E. BUSSE, Consulting Metallurgist, Mississauga, Ontario, J.E. BURGENER and P.E. BURGENER, Technical Service Laboratories, Mississauga, Ontario

This paper presents a preliminary assessment of the technical and economic feasibility of a caustic leach - electrowinning process for the recovery of zinc and lead from electric arc furnace baghouse dust at a mini-steelplant. Recent studies and literature are referenced briefly as they pertain to the formation and characterization of dust, toxicity considerations and alternative dust treatment and disposal options.
Mots Clés: Waste disposal, Dust treatment, Zinc recovery, Lead recovery, Electric arc furnace, Baghouse dust, Caustic leach - electro-winning process, Economics