Techno-economic evaluation of thiosalt treatment processes

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 81, No. 909, 1988

M. WASSERLAUF, Gionet, Mellor, Liebich Associates Ltd. Dorval, Quebec, A.A. CONDY, K.G. WHEELAND, Noranda Research Centre, Pointe Claire, Quebec, and J.E. DUTRIZAC, CANMET Ottawa, Ontario

Numerous processes for the treatment of thiosalts in base metal milling effluents have been examined in the past decade. How-sheets for thirteen processes are outlined, and cost estimates are presented for a base case of a 720 ntf/h effluent flow containing 1400 mg/L thiosalts. The processes are ranked on the basis of capital and operating costs and chance of technical success. All costs are very high and none of the methods has yet been proven to be consistently effective for large-scale treatment of actual effluents on a continuous basis.
Mots Clés: Hydrometallurgy, Thiosalts, Milling effluents, Thiosalt treatment processes, Oxidation, Costs.