"Target Mattagami"

CIM Bulletin, 1961

T HE Mattagami district of Quebec has, during the past few years, experienced intense exploration by virtually every mining company operating in Canada. As a result of this activity, a number of well-mineralized zinc-copper bearing bodies have been found, some of which will almost certainly go into production. Much of the area has undergone what is now termed "Saturation Prospecting" or intense and detailed geological and geophysical surveying, followed by the drilling of nearly all possible bets. Considering only the airborne geophysical surveying, some blocks of ground have been flown by virtually every geophysical instrument which has to date been installed in an aircraft. A list of these different geophysical instruments would include: l. Fluxgate-type total field magnetometers 2. Vertical field magnetometer ,3. Nuclear-precession magnetometers 4. Single-frequency out-of-phase electromagnetometers 5. Dual-frequency out-of-phase electromagnetometers 6. Horizontal component measuring electromagnetometers 7. In-phase and out-of-phase electromagnetometers 8. Dip-angle measuring electromagnetometers
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