Sustainable Partnering with Kiewit - a long-term perspective


Philippe Jünger, Petr Kiewit Sons / Construction Kiewit Cie

Establishing partnerships is today a common and often overstated theme in approaching Indigenous communities. For Kiewit, this has been more than a key word, it has been a reality. Where an opportunity has presented itself, the approach, the building of trust, and the results, have proven to be a benefit to all involved. With relationships dating back to the mid-90s, Kiewit has consistently returned to forge new relationships, establish strong agreements, and more importantly, confirm its commitments by its actions. Kiewit has thus built successful relationships from BC to Newfoundland & Labrador by listening, by understanding, and by working side by side with Indigenous communities. Among these relationships are some which have been for single projects, others have been recurring while some have continued for more than 10 years and even beyond 20 years. It is on the basis of these that Kiewit has invited representatives of its Indigenous partners to explain, from their perspective and in their own words, how these partnerships have been developed and why they have been positive for their communities. Representatives of Nuvumiut Developments inc., owned by the Inuit Landholding Coporations of Salluit and Kangirsujuaq in Nunavik, Quebec, and partners with Kiewit since 1996 have agreed to share their perspective on partnering with Kiewit.
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