Surface mining collaborative research initiatives: A progress report

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 89, No. 1002, 1996

Ian R. Muirhead, School of Mining & Petroleum Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Over the past year or so, a number of mining companies have been meeting to examine the role of research in surface mining and, in particular, how to establish a collaborative research effort for the surface mining industry. A review has been completed which has identified the topics that are of interest to the surface mining companies for undertaking collaborative research. This has identified key subject areas such as Operations & Equipment; Maintenance; Environment & Reclamation; and Stability. Specific research projects for the initial research effort have been selected which include Wireless Data Communications, Analysis and Management; Application of GPS in Mining; and Tires for Heavy Haulers. In addition, attention has also been focussed on finding a suitable low cost, but effective, organization to coordinate and manage the collaborative research. The recently formed CONRAD Organization (Canadian Oilsands Network for Research and Development) appears to be a suitable candidate and discussions are ongoing with that group. This paper provides a summary of the review of surface mining research needs and of the status of the establishment of a collaborative research body for surface mining.