Successful loss control

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 86, No. 969, 1993

B.R. Casement, Bullmoose Operating Corporation Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia

Managing safety on the basis of after-the-fact reaction to accidents, can never be more than partially successful. Injuries will occur as long as the underlying potential for them still exists. Unless unsafe actions and conditions are systematically decreased, no program can have more than a short-term success. The pro-active Bullmoose loss control process, instead, focusses on heightening awareness of work habits, to prevent incidents by reducing their potential. Any safety program will be doomed to failure if the development of safe work habits depends on the safety supervisor or a safety committee. At Bullmoose the focus is on the critical actions out of which losses emerge. The successful application of performance-related feedback is achieved by taking safety, health, and environmental concerns into consideration on every level, and, by doing the right thing in every job done.
Mots Clés: Safety, Open pit mining.