Stacking of potash mill tailings

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 83, No. 939, 1990

G.A. Maki, R.G. Roden, Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc., Rocanville Division, Rocanville, Saskatchewan, and P.J. Full man, International Minerals and Chemical Corp. (Canada) Ltd., Ester hazy, Saskatchewan

In October 1984, Rocanville Division began using a stacking system to handle potash mill tailings. Previous to this date, mill tailings were slurried to the top of the tailings pile and allowed to debrine while flowing down the pile. With the new stacking system, slurried tailings are fed to mobile stackers. The stackers consist of cyclone packs to debrine the tailings and drag conveyors with screw discharges to deposit the tailings onto the existing pile. This paper deals with the various aspects of the project from conception to its present state.
Mots Clés: Surface engineering, Tailings disposal systems, Stacking, Mobile stackers, Potash, Brine ponds, Settling ponds.