Spray-on lining support in Canadian underground mining - A research summary

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 94, No. 1050, 2001

J.F. Archibald and D.O. DeGagné, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario

Spray-on polymer linings, as partial or full replacement for traditional forms of area rock support, have seen rapid growth in interest within Canada. A wide variety of lining types, ranging from polymer chemical to water-based cementitious materials, have been developed and commercially introduced to the underground mining market. Following approximately one decade of development work, several general conclusions have been reached regarding the performance of this class of area support media, these being that: health and safety assessment of the broad range of materials has shown the majority of them to be acceptable and safe for underground use; significant ground support potential can be offered by them, being equivalent to or better than capabilities offered by traditional support forms such as bolt-and-screen or shotcrete, and; their abilities to be rapidly deployed and provide near instantaneous support restraint offer considerable operational and cost benefits to underground operators. A review of currently available liner materials, their historic development within the Canadian mining i
Mots Clés: Spray-on polymer linings, Underground mining, Health and safety, Support, Operational considerations, Cost benefits.