Some aspects of implementing the European potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX) Directive No. 94/9/EC in the British mining industry

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 92, No. 1033, 1999

G. Goodlad, UK Health & Safety Executive's Mines Inspectorate

This paper describes some of the main aspects involved in implementing the European ÒEquipment and Protective Systems for Use in Potentially Explosive AtmospheresÓ (ATEX) Directive (No.94/9/EC) in the British mining industry by the year 2003. It provides a brief background to the Directive and considers its main objective of removing all barriers to trade in Europe. It outlines the need for the European Standards making bodies to write new editions of the Õexplosion protection concept standardsÕ and for manufacturers to adopt new quality management procedures and develop new versions of equipment in conformity with the ATEX categories of ÒM1Ó or ÒM2.Ó Finally, it assesses the possible future relationship between the European enforcing authorities, manufacturers and users of explosion protected equipment.
Mots Clés: Coal mining, Explosive atmospheres, Equipment.