SO2 emission control from the Kidd Creek copper smelter

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 82, No. 932, 1989

R.J. St. Eloi, C.J. Newman, and D. A. Bordin, Kidd Creek Division, Falconbridge Limited. Timmins, Ontario

The requirements for a metallurgical acid plant treating smelter gases are both unique and demanding in terms of sulphur dioxide treatment and emission control. Since start up in 1981, the copper smelter at the Kidd Creek Division of Falcon-bridge Limited has undergone several major expansions. The expansion and modification of the acid plant has been an integral part of this process. Both production demands and government regulations dictate that this metallurgical acid plant be unique in terms of operating flexibility. The variable capacity to treat a wide range of sulphur dioxide concentrations, and the operating flexibility to control emissions are the topics of this paper.
Mots Clés: Sulphur dioxide emissions, Acid rain, Kidd Creek copper smelter, Emission control, Metallurgy.