Single Business Operations focus delivering value in an experience starved sector


Mr Gerry Gutierrez

What are your challenges, Human Resource experience issues, remote locations where your young candidates would prefer to work in city centers with Google, looking to retain Semi-retired global experts to work from their back porch in flagstaff. It is so important that you develop your Operational and Business structure needs before you put a technology in the way. Have your operations drive your profitability. Don’t lead with Technology that can turn out to be a gating issues. How do you include CCTV, VOIP, Production Metrix, mineralogy, Machine Learning to reduce CapEx risk and accelerate Cash Flow while building the foundation to add Optimization/Analytics in leveraging the drive to lowest quartile of cost per oz/ton during your production phase. What is the magic? Is it technology or culture change during the FEL cycles. Reassured it is achieved in the FEL cycles!