Silvertip Mine


Mr Kevin Mather

The Silvertip Mine concept came to fruition Q4 2016. A concept that had been chased since 1955, with most exploration activity occurring in the 1980’s and 1990’s, was revived in 2012 by JDS Energy & Mining Inc. Having an aggressive plan for development and just enough ‘start’ funding to get things moving, JDS excelled in pushing the plan for permitting, funding, design into construction and ultimately operation quicker than most industry representatives had seen before. JDS sourced an existing fit for purpose processing plant from Sa Dena Hes, utilized existing engineering and ‘filled in’ the remaining design gaps to better suit the Silvertip property successfully. This allotted JDS to design, procure equipment and construct concurrently. The ‘Just in Time’ engineering concept worked and with construction activities initiating winter January 2016, JDS was able to successfully begin commissioning activities Q3 2016. On-time schedule and construction budget was achieved and supported the transition into operations. The model worked.