SIC – As Safe Informed Crews vs Short Interval Control


Sean McCarthy, PACE; Neha Singh, PACE -Partners in Achieving Change Excellence

With knowledge and experience in implementing and doing project recovery for six different methods of Short Interval Control (SIC) across six different mining operations, the instructors of this course have redefined SIC to deliver the result of Safe Informed Crews vs Short Interval Control. With the latest advances in communication technology underground, we can mine more safely than we ever have before and increase production by working smarter, not harder, and planning better. Introducing tablet technology underground so we have a better picture of where our people and equipment are, how our day is going in real time, and where we might experience delays and problems so we can work around them, makes good sense. This presentation will provide attendees insights into how to leverage communications technology in the underground to improve safety. This is to inform anyone involved in the implementation of Short Interval Control or digital tools to the front-line mining operators.
Mots Clés: Short Interval Control, tools, transformation, technology, safety