Screening technologies for applications from fine sand to coarse coal and the aim of minimum energy costs and maintenance effort


Mr Manuel KevinEickhorn (Sales Engineer - RHEWUM GmbH)

For screening technologies, there is a vast field of different applications in the mining industry. While on the one hand coarse screening is required for surface mining of rocks and soils, on the other hand minerals such as salt and zinc often need to be processed much finer. Production mostly takes place near the deposit after crushing the material. The steps of screening and crushing can be done multiple times until the grain size required for the following final production process is attained. Either a linear oscillatory motion screen or a dual frequency screen can process high feed rates from medium to coarse separation range. The drive principle is based on a combination of two out-of-balance motors running with different frequencies and strokes resulting in unique vibrations along the screening surface. Choosing the processing steps and the associated screen cuts the required energy consumption and maintenance should be as low as possible. Therefore, a machine with direct excitation of the screen surface is recommended. Electromagnetic vibrating heads and an integrated cleaning cycle effectively prevent blinding of the mesh and thus reduce maintenance for cleaning and exchange. The technique itself grants a high availability of the screening machine throughout the year.