Role of dispersants in the production of fine particle size calcium carbonate and kaolin slurries

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 96, No. 1070, 2003

J.S. Phipps, D.R. Skuse

Aqueous slurries of fine particle size calcium carbonate are used in a diverse range of end-use products. In many cases, the end-use performance is governed by the fineness of the particle size distribution. In turn, the maximum fineness of the particle size distribution is primarily determined by the efficiency of the dispersants used during the production process. Here, we report the sodium polyacrylate mediated dispersion of calcite and kaolin. Firstly, we report a colloid chemical description of the dispersant behaviour and attribute the stabilization to both steric and electrostatic mechanisms. Secondly, we describe how the understanding developed in the first part of the study can be utilized to produce more effective dispersant systems which allow the preparation of added value, higher solids and finer particle size calcium carbonate slurry products.
Mots Clés: Calcium carbonate, Calcite, Dispersion, Dispersant, Polyacrylate, Stabilization, Fine particle size.