Resourcing the world… you can do it, too!


Nathalie VIENS, Veolia

In a world of growing needs and dwindling reserves, access to basic resources is becoming increasingly complex and a source of concerns. A reality which pushes the mining industry to a new industrial revolution, the circular economy! Discover how turning waste into resources can offer a world of opportunity for the planet to grow. Nathalie Viens, SVP Veolia Canada East, will walk you through regeneration solutions implemented to demonstrate environmental and social stewardship and maintain the mining industry’s overall license to operate. Located in a remote region with severe climatic conditions and with extensive growth possibilities, Miners required a responsive partner able to focus on its non-core, yet essential, services including industrial cleaning and waste management. As the global leader in optimized resource management, Veolia contributes to the sustainable development of communities and industries through innovation. Rethinking the way of operating, do more with less, learn how implementing strategies to recover the resources contained in end-of-life products in order to reintroduce them into the value loops of the circular economy, helped various making company decrease their environmental footprint. The regeneration of used oils and of over-sized tires implemented for mining clients, offer a new business model that is more resource-efficient and has a smaller environmental footprint. Investing in solutions like used oil regeneration plant, where waste from heady equipment is repurposed, establish a virtuous and environmentally responsible circle that reuses natural resources within a life cycle 100% reproducible to infinity.
Mots Clés: circular economy, waste, resources, regeneration, license to operate