Repairs of Brunswick Mining, Smelting and Fertilizer concentrate and bulk handling system

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 81, No. 918, 1988

D.T. AIKENS,Brunswick Mining & Smelting Corporation Limited Belledune, New Brunswick and R. GAUDREAULT, Ports Canada

This paper summarizes structural repairs carried out on a marine wharf consisting of six 13.7 m by 13.7 m reinforced concrete cribs linked together by five 14.6 m long beam spans. As a result of problems during original construction and twenty years exposure to severe weather conditions, the deck support system between the cribs required major restoration work. In particular, some of the beam seats under the crane rail supports had marginal bearing area to support the structural loads. Faced with closure order for the wharf which is required to bring in raw materials to the plant and a long outage to make repairs as stipulated by Ports Canada (owners of the structure) alternate means of making the required repair were examined. The method chosen allowed the work to be done much more quickly, at lower cost, without taking the wharf completely out of service. The badly deteriorated seats were rebuilt using epoxy grout, tapered sole plates and a positioning jig.
Mots Clés: Materials handling, Maintenance/Engineering, Structural repairs.