Reclamation, rehabilitation and development of abandoned mine land at Canmore, Alberta

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 89, No. 999, 1996

H.G. Stephenson and B. Van Den Bussche, Norwest Mine Services Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, and P. Curry, Three Sisters Resorts Inc.,

Three Sisters Resorts Inc. currently owns a 2035 acre (824 ha) parcel of land, which previously belonged to Canmore Mines Ltd. Approximately 50% of these lands, that are slated for residential, resort and recreation development, have been undermined for coal in one or more seams. Norwest Mine Services has been contracted by the developer to assess and advise them on any past mining activity that may be potentially hazardous to their development and offer solutions to how = these hazards may be mitigated or avoided. The following paper deals mainly with the procedures put in place and accepted by the approval authorities, and the Staged approach to the Investigative Procedure that Norwest follows in the mining assessment and mitigation work for Three Sisters.
Mots Clés: Environment, Reclamation, Rehabilitation, Mine abandonment