Real-time Mining: Optimized decision support based on real-time data


David Buttgereit, XGraphic GmbH; Jörg Benndorf, University of Technology Bergakademie Freiberg

In April 2015 the multi-partner and multi-national European Commission funded H2020 R&D project Real-Time Mining was launched. The main objective has been the development of innovative technical solutions for resource-efficient and optimal high – precision mining in geologically complex mining settings. With the demonstration action of the project in March 2019, different system components of the Real-Time Mining concept, including autonomous positioning systems, sensor technologies for real-time material classification, monitoring while drilling systems, real-time grade control model updating and real-time decision support in short-perm planning and production control have been demonstrated in two large scale industrial application. One particular result is a VR-based mine control cockpit that integrates all data, provides an intuitive visualization, communication and planning platform, and can serve as virtual production control room. The presentation will highlight major achievements of the project, experiences in operational implementation of new technology and provides a roadmap towards operational role out.