R&D and innovation applied to mineral processing


Gianni Bartolacci, COREM

COREM is the largest organization in Canada totally devoted to mineral processing R&D and innovation. Research costs money and requires investment to transform into a commercially viable idea and innovation is transforming an existing idea into value and benefits either financial, environmental or social. With its unique model, COREM works closely with the industry to develop, provide and deploy innovations to the mining operations under its pre-competitive research program or on contractual base services. Partnership with other research organizations, universities and colleges is a key success factor to accelerate the development and the adaption of the innovation as well as addressing problems that can be too risky and costly for mining companies to undertake. In supporting the mining industry priorities: a better control of energy consumption, reduction of the consumption of fresh water and reduction of the impact on the environment, COREM capitalizes on existing and emerging technologies and their integration in the mining activities to create value and benefits. Recognized as a world-class organization providing innovative solutions, COREM offers a wide range of services in extractive metallurgy to its members as well as all mining companies worldwide.
Mots Clés: Mineral processing, R&D, innovation