Raglan ConnectedMine Project – Change Management Through 72 Easy Steps


Kenny Cheong, Glencore - Mine Raglan

Glencore’s Raglan Mine in Northern Quebec has been in operation for more than 20 years. The Sivumut Project is currently under development and should extend Raglan’s life of mine beyond 2030. As we head into the next phase of our existence, we wanted to build an operation capable of leveraging current technologies as well as sustaining future ones. We wanted to build a ConnectedMine. Our ConnectedMine project is two-fold: the deployment of technology and the management of change.  On the technology side, we want to deploy LTE communications, telemetry systems and real-time location tracking. On the change management side, we must address issues such as training, human behavior and risks. The presentation will highlight how Raglan Mine is managing change and re-aligning a mature 20-year-old operation towards the future. We will discuss our stakeholder analysis, our communication approach, engaging the workforce and more. While on the digital transformation path, we will share some of our constraints and roadblocks in a typical mining brownfield environment.