Quarrying and sustainable development in large urban centres: A contradiction in terms?

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 93, No. 1040, 2000

D.C. Kaliampakos and A.G. Benardos

The existence of quarries near or even within the boundaries of urban centres is the cause of many environmental problems, despite their significant contribution to the cities’ development. Hence, the question arises as to how quarrying activities can be compromised within the spirit of sustainable development in big cities. In the case of Athens, two dominant, though opposite opinions have been formed. The first argues that all quarries must be forced to suspend their activities as soon as possible; the second presses for the continuation of quarrying. Consequently, the question is transposed on the dilemma between improved environmental conditions and economic development. This paper demonstrates that if a complete redesign is employed to specific, nonvisible quarrying sites, the continuation of quarrying activities is acceptable. It is a good compromise between the economical demand and environmental protection.
Mots Clés: Quarrying, Sustainable development, Environmental issues