Phalen Colliery: production and productivity

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 83, No. 940, 1990

George R. White, Phalen Colliery, Cape Breton Development Corporation

The Phalen Colliery, the Cape Breton Development Corporation's flagship, is now producing thermal and metallurgical grade coal in Eastern Canada's Sydney Coal Field. The colliery is a drift mine operating under the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Improved mechanization, including a 2200 tonne per hour cable conveyor, and the introduction of modern retreat longwall mining methods as part of the Phalen concept are now paying off in better productivity and low operating costs. Geological conditions within the coalfield are consistent with plans for ever greater outputs in the 1990s. Although much of the current production improvement is related to uprated machine capacity and simplified mines planning there is potential for even further development in the areas of maintenance, process control and engineering. Human resource development will also be a key factor. These programs are now well under way and Phalen Colliery is poised for top results in the 1990s. Comparison of the CBDC's top producer with similar operations elsewhere in the world, quantifies that potential.
Mots Clés: Coal mining, Phalen Colliery, Cape Breton Development Corporation, Sydney coal field.