Our Journey - Uncovering the experiences, barriers and opportunities for women in mining


Mrs Maria Santos (Senior Leadership Development Specialist - Cameco Corporation)

Recently Cameco embarked on a mission to examine the experiences of women in the organization and uncover the barriers related to attraction, retention, development and engagement. Throughout 2015 and 2016, small focus groups were formed and women across the organization were personally interviewed. With leadership and support from our CEO, a member of the senior executive team met with females at all Cameco North American locations to understand the experiences, barriers and opportunities. One of the more significant question was, “What are the barriers and what can we do?” This presentation is about our journey. What were our lessons learned, what have we done so far and what is our path forward. Our intent is to share our experiences with the audience so that others may learn from our lessons and together create more inclusiveness for all in the mining industry.