“Operations Data: A Hidden Gold Mine for Your Focus on Sustainability?”


The business value created by an infrastructure for operations data is gaining recognition in mining and other industries. Yet the value of leveraging that same infrastructure to develop and execute a data driven sustainability initiative in corporate circles has yet to catch hold. Typically, initial sustainability efforts in many organizations identify “low hanging fruit” and easy “win wins.” But building a truly sustainable operation to stand the test of time and through market uncertainties requires deeper insight into the complexity of operational processes, related resource consumption and the associated risks. By adopting a continuous improvement approach fed by historical performance and real-time data, organizations can develop more sophisticated analytics and a more holistic understanding of their business and operational models strengths and weaknesses. This presentation will focus on how the ‘Big Data’ PI System infrastructure used in core operations, can also be leveraged by sustainability practitioners to enable newly innovative initiatives across their enterprise and value chain.
Mots Clés: UAV, Laser scanning, Ground Lidar, Rock Mass Characterization, LiDAR, Photogrammetry, UAV Phtogrammetry