Opening New Doors - IMII's Diversity & Inclusion Challenge Program and Projects


Al Shpyth, IMII

Under the them of "opening new doors," the International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII) launched its Diversity & Inclusion Challenge Program in 2017. The program represents a $1 million open innovation commitment to attracting and developing new ideas and methods for increasing the number of Indigenous people and women in Saskatchewan's minerals industry workforce.  In its first two years, IMII has released seven challenges on behalf of its mineral industry members -- BHP, Cameco, K+S Potash, Mosaic and Nutrien, and funded several pilot and demonstration projects. This presentation will describe the projects and share some initial results as the first round of funded projects enter their second and final year. This presentation will be of interest to all others in the mining and minerals industry who share the Saskatchewan industry's commitment to diversity & inclusion.
Mots Clés: diversity, inclusion, open innovation, Indigenous people, women, mining, minerals