Opening New Doors - IMII’s Diversity & Inclusion Challenge Program


Mr Al Shpyth ( - International Minerals Innovation Istitute (IMII))

On behalf of its major mining company members, the International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII) launched a diversity & inclusion focused open innovation challenge program in May 2017. With a release titled “Opening New Doors”, IMII announced that it was prepared to invest $1 million in innovative projects to help mineral companies achieve their diversity and inclusion targets. The four Diversity & Inclusion Challenges are: • Improving access to employment opportunities with contractors and suppliers to the minerals sector for Indigenous peoples; • Creating new opportunities for Indigenous peoples in the minerals sector workforce; • Promoting mining careers to young women by connecting earlier in the talent pipeline; and • Increasing the number of women in key occupations in the minerals sector. The presentation will update participants on the process and potential education and training innovations arising from IMII’s Diversity & Inclusion Challenge Program.