Online Conveyor Belt Moisture Analyzer at Barrick Cortez


Pamela Moyo, Barrick Cortez; Ceren Bozbay, Barrick Cortez

In a mineral processing plant, it is critical to maintain reliability and efficiency of the data that we extract from instruments implemented. Barrick initiated a digital transition program in 2016. For any digital transition and automation program, access to continuous, accurate real-time data becomes more to the process. Additionallly, the digital transition program at Cortez at to eliminate manual tasks that posed a danger to our personnel. At Cortez, the manual moisture sample collection posed both safety and industrial hygiene hazards. Furthermore, the delay in moisture analysis results impacted production and poised a risk to our license to operate. It was vital to know moisture levels in a timely manner in order to maintain the environmental permit on daily processed dry tons. This paper discusses the selection criteria for the online moisture analyzer, its implementation, commissioningand calibration process, accuracy. The paper also highlights how data is currently being utilized, and the benefits gained since the installation of this moisture analyzer.
Mots Clés: automation, digital, online moisture analyzer, data