Nobody Gets Hurt: Implemention of a Hurt Free Approach at Kearl


Mr Jason Wweibel

In 2017, Imperial Oil's Kearl Operations implemented the Hurt-based approach to Safety. The Hurt Free concept shifts away from traditional treatment based reporting standards. The Hurt-based approach to Safety was developed by ExxonMobil and adopted by the ExxonMobil Drilling globally in 2006. Benefits of the Hurt Free approach include: - alignment with the ExxonMobil safety vision of "Nobody Gets Hurt" - consistent description of actual and potential injury severity - alignment with the site priority of caring for people The Hurt Free focus on people not only increased overall site awareness on actual incidents but created a culture that assessed and shared learning from potential incidents. By increasing this awareness the Hurt Free approach contributed to a more positive safety culture across the operation. The Hurt Free journey at Kearl Operations continues as a culture of caring moves closer to a workplace where Nobody Gets Hurt.