Nickel production from low-iron laterite ores: Process descriptions

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 96, No. 1072, 2003

R.A. Bergman

Process descriptions are provided for the following ten plants that treat high-magnesia lateritic nickel ores (saprolite) by pyrometallurgical means: PT Aneka Tambang; Cerro Matoso S.A.; Falconbridge Dominicana C. por A.; Hyuga Smelting Company Ltd.; Larco (Societé Minière & Métallurgique de Larymna); Loma de Niquel; Le Nickel, SLN-Eramet; Nippon Yakin Kogyo Company Ltd.; Pacific Metals Company Ltd.; and PT Inco Indonesia. Flowsheets, equipment information, chemistry and production data have been compiled for plants based on both information provided by the companies and on calculated mass and energy balances.