New technology in conveyor transmission systems

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 79, No. 893, 1986

LR. BOWER, Fletcher Sutcliffe Wild Ltd. Wakefield, West Yorkshire, U.K.

This paper describes a highly versatile variable speed unit with a torque multiplication feature as a direct replacement for a fluid coupling. The unit is comprised of a modulating clutch with torque converter and lock-up options. The UCD does not start or stop the motor. This is carried out in the normal manner. The UCD continually monitors and rapidly regulates the output speed to the requirement of a set point demand from input signals or a pre-set program with full manual override. The pre-set program can include start and stop ramps, top speed and minimum speed regulation and also mid-speed set point with security for man-riding, etc. Speed variation is from zero to 100% on a constant duty basis. The input signals can be from any source, e.g. belt weigher, load profile, bunker probes, mine monitoring system, etc. The UCD when fitted with a torque converter has a torque multiplication feature which automatically provides a starting torque up to two and a half times greater than the full load torque without exceeding the normal motor power levels.