Monitoring of stability conditions at Falconbridge's Strathcona Mine*

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 80, No. 908, 1987

J.E. UDD, Director, Mining Research Laboratories CANMET-EMR Ottawa, Ontario, and, S. BHARTI, Superintendent, Mines Technical Services, Falconbridge Limited,Sudbury, Ontario

Monitoring of stability conditions in underground mines permits management to assess the response of the rock mass to mining strategies. Monitoring of movements, if sufficiently early, may also permit operators either to avert potential failures or to develop alternative approaches to extraction. The Falconbridge organization has been a leader both in the uses of rock mass stability monitoring techniques and in the development of instrumentation. In this paper, the authors review the Falconbridge approaches to monitoring, and present case history examples to illustrate the application of the various instruments used.
Mots Clés: Safety, Stability, Monitoring techniques, Underground mining, Strathcona Mine, Rock mechanics, Ground Movement Monitor.