Monitoring equipment for mining induced stresses at Niobec Mine

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 82, No. 927, 1989

G. Herget, and F. Kapeller, CANMET, EMR

The need for monitoring the effect of changes in ground stresses due to mining in hard rock has existed for many years. The Mining Research Laboratories of CANMET, EMR have developed a new tool which monitors with high precision the radial deformation in boreholes. The result is the Mining Research Laboratories strain monitoring system (MSMS) which uses the highly stable and very sensitive vibrating wire principle to monitor deformations in relatively large boreholes, e.g. 76 mm to 153 mm diameter. The vibrating wire is strung across a relatively large proving ring and operates at a frequency between 600 to 1800 Hz. The read-out system is based on continuous vibration. The ring is installed with a hydraulic tool and brought into contact with the surrounding rock through precisely machined and guided wedges. The resolution of the system is in the neighbourhood of 4 x l(r4 mm/Hz. The data collection can be carried out with a portable read-out unit and provisions are available for automatic data collection. Stresses may be calculated from strain readings. The system was tested in cooperation with the Centre de recherches minerales at the Niobec Mine in Quebec for the purpose of monitoring the effects of drill drift development and slope mining on surrounding ground stresses.After access was available to the site, 153 mm diameter holes were drilled for the determination of in situ ground stresses. These holes were then used to install the strain monitoring system. The effect of drill drift development and production blasling in slopes C-203-13 and C-203-15 on ground stress distribution could be observed clearly. The horizontal relaxation in the core of a pillar which occurred during mining, of adjacent rooms was between 0.082 mm to 0.111 mm. Calculations of stresses from these deformations indicate that the rock material is still in an elastic condition. Roctest of Montreal has obtained a license on the manufacturing and distribution rights. A patent has been registered and CANMET will assist in installation oftheMRL strain monitoring system and the interpretation of records.
Mots Clés: Rock mechanics, Monitoring equipment, Equipment, Instrumentation