Mining demonstrations and longwall mining systems

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 78, No. 877, 1985

G, ZAHARY, Manager, Coal Research Laboratory CANMET, Calgary, Alberta, I.R. MUIRHEAD, Projects Manager, Underground Mining Montreal Engineering Company, Limited, Calgary, Alberta

One approach to making new technology available is to demonstrate its value under full-scale operating conditions. Studies were undertaken to assess the feasibility of this approach to introducing a longwall mining system to the western Canadian coalfields. The longwall method of mining coal is described, world and Canadian usage is reviewed, and the merits of the system in comparison to other coal mining methods are discussed. The rationale for a longwall demonstration in western Canada is presented, along with a proposed organization for the design, operation and dissemination of the findings from such a trial. The factors which must be considered in the design of the demonstration, and in the assessment of a potential site are highlighted. It is concluded that a demonstration of this technology is both timely and essential to prepare the way for the western Canadian coal industry of future prospects for coal.
Mots Clés: Mining technology, Longwall mining, Coal mining, Underground Mining.