Metso Maintenance Solution (MMS) as a Central Management System: Evolving maintenance management across multiple cites


Mrs Guadalupe Rodriguez

Production throughput increased by +23%, preventative maintenance compliance improved by +37% and +12% more equipment availability are results worth examining in detail. CMMS, a standard software used within the mining and aggregates industries, has greater potential when used as part of a unique solution to a complex problem. In this presentation, we demonstrate how a CMMS system can be the sole solution to integrating elements such as spare parts inventory, maintenance planning, maintenance resources allocation and reporting into a cohesive maintenance strategy for multiple sites. Using a challenge-solution-results structure, we explain how a Metso client with 62 site locations across vast distances across India achieves an integrated maintenance process. Imperative to the solution is the process for centralizing 2400 assets, 2700 maintenance tasks, and 400 standard procedures. It can be summarized in three steps: creating a work model, building a maintenance framework and creating a central maintenance organization to facilitate organized communication. With Metso Maintenance Solution (MMS) as a Central Management System, we are able to share: technical information, standardized procedures, common spares, wears and resources amongst different sites, and compare maintenance operation parameters in a single place. This will have a major impact on inventory and labor costs, maintenance quality, and equipment availability. By following this methodology and implementing a new maintenance strategy, equipment availability will increase, ensuring that all resources are used in an optimal manner. These advanced methods for control, monitoring, reporting and managing maintenance events in real time are changing the mining industry in terms of managing maintenance at multiple sites.