Mental health: The importance of effective management in the workplace.


Don Langlois, DMC Mining Services, KGHM Group

Mental Health and Addictions have been an area of concern and focus for several organizations, and for good reason.  These health problems have significant and direct impact to the workplace, such as: • Workplace absenteeism; Mental health problems are the leading reason for leave of absences, accounting for approx. 20% of all sick leaves. • 23% of workers experienced physical health problems caused by stress, anxiety or major depression. • Individuals affected by a Mental Health Problem, are at higher risk for injury at work. • Unidentified problems can become serious, which causes additional strains and costs to the employer, the employee as well as the Health Care System. Becoming more informed on the importance of access to collaborative Medical Management and other corporate strategies helps minimize the negative consequences leading to better outcomes for employees, employers and the workplace.  Providing these essential supports to individuals who may be affected by a Mental Health problem or by the current opioid crisis allows organizations to take a proactive approach in assisting individuals through the application of early interventions that increase quality of life for those in need and reduces associated costs incurred by organizations.  Join us for an engaging session that will allow you to reflect on your corporate priorities related to Health and Wellness, and ways to address concerns related to the impact of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.
Mots Clés: Mental Health