Maximize Miner Health with Innovative Diesel Emisson Control Systems


Stan Mack, Johnson Matthey SEC LLC

The health and safety of underground miners is a preeminent concern for all mining companies.  Of great concern is controlling diesel emissions of particulate and NO2.  There is a need to reduce both levels to assure the maximum health of the underground workers, while not impacting the productivity of the mine operations. Johnson Matthey has developed the Mining CRT diesel emission control system that reduces both particle numbers to over 99% as well as reducing NO2 levels to below engine out levels.  No other technology can specifically address both particulate and NO2.  It has proven to provide extended operational performance well beyond any other diesel particulate control technology while simultaneously lowering NO2 levels in the mine.  No other retrofit system has proven to be more effective in reducing harmful emissions from diesel engines. This presentation will illustrate the effectiveness of the Mining CRT diesel emission system as demonstrated in extensive evaluations of over 3 years in underground mining operation. The benefits are: Maximum worker health and safety with the cleanest diesel emission control retrofit system No impact on mine productivity as demonstrated with over 3 years with no system cleaning or replacement of filters / catalysts Greater employee engagement and attitude
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