Long-term planning at Raglan

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 96, No. 1072, 2003

L.W.T. Weitzel

This paper reviews the Falconbridge-SMRQ’s Raglan project in northern Quebec and the process that was used in developing its current long-term mine plan. Challenges were many and not only limited to the longevity of the project, numerous ore deposits (both underground and open pit), and a 40 km property strike length. As a result of its remote northern location, other factors such as progressive reclamation, leachable mine waste, water treatment, and waste management were also part of the plan. A combination of modern planning tools were used to formulate the plan including DataMine, Mine 2-4D, AutoMod Simulation, and an Excel-based financial spreadsheet to bring the total plan together. The focus of the paper is to show the complexity of modern mine planning and associated economic modelling of mine processes.