Knife Gate Valves - Cutting Edge Solutions for today's Challenge


Pierre Dandurand, Victaulic

Valves are a common maintenance item in mine processing facilities. Most facilities use older knife gate valves (KGV) that fail to incorporate the latest design efficiencies. This recently invented technology is the first in-line maintenance KGV for steel and high-density polyethylene pipe. The design makes in-line maintenance possible by consolidating wear components into a single cartridge kit, easily and quickly removable and replaceable. The need to disconnect the valve from the pipeline is eliminated, representing a significant advancement in KGV technology. This presentation will review challenges associated with conventional KGVs and cover the research and development process that led to the design of the first in-line maintenance KGV. Case studies will serve to illustrate how this product has generated substantial cost savings and improved safety.
Mots Clés: Maintenance Challenges, KGV, Knife Gate Valves,